Join the Green Revolution
Mamas lead the way in making the change. Modern cloth nappies made by mums for mums. Designed exclusively in Cyprus for our beautiful Mediterranean lifestyle.
About Vivilino
Two mamas. Former founder and designer behind the Bubakin cloth nappy range, Tamla and marketing whiz and doula, Nicole turned their attention to bring to fruition Cyprus' first sustainable nappy brand. Designed exclusively for the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle and capturing prints iconic to the island they call home. Five babies in cloth between them, their mission is to support mamas to make the switch, however small.
Reusable Cloth Nappies
Grow with your child
Simple snaps allows the nappy to grow with your child from 3.5-16kg. Stretchy tabs make a great alternative to pull ups and ideal for toddlers learning to toilet train.
Simple to use
Simply fit, snap and GO! Wash, dry and go again. Double gussets and front wet zone keep mess where it should be. Clever inserts allow you to put absorbency where its needed as your child grows.
Play or Swim
Use as a regular nappy or remove inserts to use for swimming, your choice. Mesh lining ensures your nappy shell is light enough for all situations. Iconic prints for the beautiful Mediterranean lifestyle.
Climate Friendly
Saves money, saves landfill, saves on processing of natural resources and waste. Climate suited fabrics that keep your child drier, longer. Inserts created with ideal absorption capacity and maximum drying time after washing.
Modern Nappies for Modern Mamas
With the iconic prints of Cyprus to brighten any wardrobe. Be apart of the conscious choice.
Why Choose Cloth?
So many ways to SAVE
Cloth nappies can save you 2/3 more than what you would pay for disposables during the time your child is in nappies. In Europe, disposables nappies can amount to 2,500 euros. Cloth nappies can also be used for subsequent children.

TIP: Cloth nappies can be spread out by growing your stash slowly whilst pregnant or starting part time in combination with disposables. Use your regular nappy shells for swim nappies too!
Less Waste
Single use nappies take approximately 500 years to break down in landfill. In the EU alone in 2017 it was estimated that 15 million children in nappies equated to 33 billion single use nappies being used in that year alone.

Even on a day to day level, cloth nappies can make a difference. They smell less (as they are not mixed with chemicals from disposables), no waste to take out and no more running to the store when you run out.
Earth Friendly
The manufacturing of a cloth nappy uses:

3 x less energy

20 x less raw materials

1/2 the water to produce, use and wash, compared to a disposable.

24-30 nappies vs 4000-6000 disposable nappies from birth to toilet training.

Even 1 x nappy per day is saving 365 disposables from landfill.
Less risk of chemical burns and nappy rash. Disposable nappies can contain hazardous chemicals, some of which are considered toxic. These same chemicals are not permitted in disposable menstrual products.

Cloth nappies are made using material and under the OEKO-TEX standard 100 safety in textiles. Any chemical residues from manufacture are simply washed away in their first wash.
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Designed by mother's using nappies. With all the practicality and function to make a nappy work for you and your baby.
Designed for climate and lifestyle.
Climate clever fabrics. Easy to use, easy to reuse. Function and practicality for modern mothers.
A nappy that does the job.
Designed to do exactly what a nappy should with the ease of use that doesn't make cloth nappies extra work. A modern spin on their disposable cousin, one nappy to fit from newborn to potty training (3.5kg-16kg).
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